Thursday, August 9, 2012


Sheffield, England

I cannot remember the last time I ever saw either Nasty Boy in a singles match so I wasn't sure what the hell I was going to get going in. Heenan was fantastic on commentary for this. Talking about fans not understanding that when a wrestler bails to the outside it's no different than a football player running out of bounds. It's a smart move, not one of cowardice. Later in the match he commented about Knobbs crawling to the corner looking for a tag, but there was none. I don't think Knobbs was even playing for that, but Heenan through it in anyway, and it made the match better. That's how brilliant he was as on commentary.

Knobbs had a great come back but got caught by a nasty superkick and couldn't kick out by three, though Fatu having his feet on the ropes may have attributed to that. Solid match.

Ahhhh this takes me back to those days when I started this project. Doink tooling guys and Kamala being a horrible face. This was pretty typical of their other matches I've reviewed. One twist was Doink purposely rolling to his stomach when Kamala was trying to correct his pin. When Kamala finally got upset and complained to the ref about not knowing what the hell he's supposed to do, Doink rolled him up with a school boy for the 1-2-3.

(oddly enough this has different commentary than the one I watched. Mine didn't have Macho Man on it.)

The opening sequence at the beginning of this match was SO RAD. At first I thought it was going to be the Perfect Spot where he leaps over a guy doing a back body drop and rebounds with a drop kick, but it was longer and much cooler. Samu then suckered Perfect by letting him leapfrog another back body drop and then catching him with a clothesline to take over. This came right after Samu challenged Perfect to a test of strength, and Perfect was like "Eff that noise, I'm not stupid".

The rest of the match was solid control work from Samu, with Mr. Perfect trying to figure out how to make a comeback. He tried to slug his way back and failed. He tried a flash pin off a school boy and failed. But it was him going for broke with his Perfect Plex after Samu missed a top rope headbutt that finally got him the win. I love that kind of desperation. You just know that if he doesn't pull off that move, if he doesn't "lock the fingers" he's going to get killed. One of the best Mr. Perfect performances of the year, a tier below his Bret Hart work. Look for this one.

For a big crazy son of a bitch, you'd think Demento wouldn't bump and sell for Bob Backlund like a Barry Hardy. Gotta love Bob Backlund doing all the work while Demento applied a chin lock loser than John Cena's STF. Heenan was just cracking jokes trying to mess with Jim Ross, who's new to the company at this point. This stunk.

Not a very good match, but Typhoon threw a drop kick so that's something. I would shit myself if a guy as big as Fred Ottmon threw a dropkick at me. Even if he missed. Bobby Heenan, manager extraordinaire, made the comment that he could make a ton of money off of a guy like Typhoon. When asked how, he responded, "I'd take him to every shopping mall and grocery store and charge kids money to ride him." That's about the only highlights of this match, which was waaaaaaaaaaay too long. Typhoon picked up the V after a really nice looking powerslam.

Really good match between these two. Crush looked like a beast with his early offense, and the crowd was crazy for him. Loved the section with him threatening to toss Shawn from the ring into the crowd. Shawn taking over was well done, with Crush always on the verge of coming back. There's a neat sequence where Shawn just keep drilling him with double axe handles but Crush keeps rising up. Crush's eventual comeback was probably the hottest one he's ever put together. Sadly the match came to an end when Crush called for the Cranium Crush and Shawn high-tailed it out of there for a count out loss. Crush dragged him back to the ring and applied the hold much to the crowd's delight, but HBK retained his title regardless.

Luger and Duggan have peculiar chemistry. I liked the match more when Luger took over. Him cutting off Duggan's comebacks were well done. Eventually he tossed Duggan to the outside to get squashed by Yokozuna, who was watching at ringside. When Duggan got rolled in, Luger hit him with his loaded forearm, but before he could pick up the win, Perfect hit the ring to break the count. This of course ended the match in a Disqualification in favor of Luger, but it's better than him winning with a pinfall, if you think about it. The show ended with Perfect and Duggan clearing the ring of their respective foes.

Some really fun matches on this show. Loved Perfect/Samu and Crush/Shawn Michaels may be my new favorite face Crush match so far.

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