Friday, August 10, 2012



I'm trying to make this into a regular section, where I just randomly pick a dude and then watch some matches of him. If any of you have any suggestions for future wrestlers, you can leave a comment or hit me up on Twitter with a suggestion. They can be classic big names or little indy guys only 10 people have heard of, I don't care. My only criteria is that they have to have matches for me to watch on the youtube. Because, duh, it's the


Short match, but I love the interactions. It's weird seeing Kerry in a territory that isn't Texas. I like the toe hold work at the beginning. It's nothing crazy or anything, but it's a simple wrestling hold that allowed Greg to either drive some knees into Kerry's side or turn it into a single leg crab. Valentine's selling of punches and kicks is frustrating in the short term, but make sense in the long term. Kerry would pop him and Greg wouldn't even flinch for it. Then later when Kerry would connect with some hay makers you'd see Valentine start reeling, and it meant something, you know? It's like, "Oh now he's really nailing him!" Anyway, fun match with some good brawling that made me want to see more between the two. I hope there's more out there...


Odd match. They actually work really well together the whole match. I love Owen's arm work stuff early on, and I always dig the way Valentine hammers on a dude's leg in the corner. But they didn't really have any long term selling of any damage. Even Alfred Hayes was like, "Oh, I guess he's okay...." when Valentine shrugged off being kicked to the outside and came back by going to the top rope. And that finish was laaaaaaaaaaaame. He beat Owen with a body slam. Yeah it was impressive that he caught him, but... it's still just a body slam. But as weak as that was, and the problematic selling, I still enjoyed the way these two fit their styles together.

Awwww hell yeah, this match rocks. It's just two beefy dudes slugging at each other for like 18 minutes. Valentine is awesome, at begging off and letting Garvin get the upper-hand in a lot of the early encounters.  I really loved the chinlock work, with Garvin finding away out through a wrist lock, but Valentine using a shortcut to get the upperhand. I love that kind of work, and you just don't see it enough these days.

Easily one of my favorite Greg Valentine matches, and it's the kind of bout where you feel like the two guys had actually been through a fight. You should absolutely watch this match.

vs. TITO SANTANA  (03/31/84)

I think this is the first big match of their feud. They'd wrestled before, but it was years ago. I really like this match. Love Greg Valentine's work on the leg. Valentine stretching the legs out and slamming them on the apron, are simple but incredibly effective ways of setting up the figure four later. All of that wouldn't meant anything if it weren't for Tito who took the beating and sold it like torture. Gorilla Monsoon was solid on commentary as well, and I loved him complaining about the bullshit time limit on an Intercontinental title fight. 20 minutes? Preposterous. 

This match and the Blazer match really made me realize how down Valentine was for running with these little guys. He rarely felt like a super mobile guy, because his style is so methodical, but in both of these matches he was more than cool with running the ropes and taking hiptosses.

Another little something I just wanted to point out was Tito's side headlock. That shit looked air tight, man. If you can do the little things really well, you don't have to do a lot, and Tito's one of those dudes who does the little stuff pretty well. Fun match, WATCH IT.

vs. BILLY KIDMAN (3/29/97)
I just posted this because I loved hearing Dusty say: "He didn't get his name Hammer by not being able to Hammer." Also he beats Billy Kidman with his elbow drop. LOL BILLY KIDMAN.

You tell me he didn't shoot elbow Hugh Morrus in the dick at 2:36. Anyway, I know these last two matches aren't nearly as good as the earlier stuff I posted, but it's interesting to compare Valentine to how he wrestled with Tito Santana and how he wrestled over a decade later. Not really a whole lot has changed. He's a little slower, maybe a little bigger, but he still hits hard and has the same game plan. He even livened this match up by dropping the elbow on the floor.


  1. you missed a great opportunity! WWE is doing a Heat/Thunder month on the WWEfannation YouTube and there's an obscure Valentine v. Rob Conway from '05 on there! so random

  2. Love this idea! I can't imagine a world where anyone wouldn't want to watch Greg Valentine vs Billy Kidman in 1997. God bless WCW.

    As an idea for a future edition, how about looking at matches of the lesser members of Raven's Flock in WCW (Riggs, Lodi, Reese, Sick Boy, Van Hammer etc)? Considering how much screen time the Flock got, most of these guys are largely forgotten. Plus there was the epic Reese vs Juvi Guerrera fued to enjoy and loads of Flock matches are on Youtube.

  3. Gonna have to watch the Conway match. Will post thoughts.

    Lesser members of the Flock sounds like a capital idea. Can't decide if I want to group them all together or just watch a bunch of Sick Boy matches. Maybe I'll just watch one Sick Boy match, and play it from there.