Thursday, November 15, 2012

Youtube Wrestling Super Glorious Enjoyment Time

Reader David C on my last YWSGET Starring Greg Valentine, suggested I watch a bunch of Flock matches. Specifically the lesser known ones. The means no Kidman, Saturn, or Raven. I liked that idea and decided to give it a shot. Where to begin.... I know!

When me and my friends played WCW vs. NWO: Revenge on the N64, we always played the Royal Rumble(or whatever it was called) mode. And if you got eliminated you came back as a random competitor. The one guy we all crossed our fingers to not come back as was....

I might be wrong, but I think Sick Boy is wrestling this match in with a couple of nicotine patches on. That's gotta be illegal. This started out well enough with Sick Boy's crazy fireman carry face buster deal. Then he jacked up the tilt-a-whirl and got lost. I feel like Bobby Heenan yelling "There's gonna be a lot of accidents tonight!" will probably be the tag line for this iteration of the YWSGET.

Juvi slips hitting a Juvi driver, but Reese interferes before the 450 so I don't even get a cool finish. Well... I guess they had to fill three hours with something. I don't feel like I really got a feel for Sick Boy in such a short match so I had to watch....

Sick Boy and Mongo punch, kick, club and knee each other for 6 minutes. It's not very good and some of it is downright awkward, like Mongo's delayed reaction to a eye poke, that I'm not even sure happened. Sick Boy tries to do a suplex but fails miserably. And he tries to get all innovative by jumping from the middle of the ropes for an elbow instead of the turnbuckle, but Mean Mark did it better back in '90 brother.

Other than that shizz, they also do a finishing stretch that you'd think was pulled from an 5-Star Classic, with them trading punches on their knees and reversing moves before hitting a finish. But it still manages to look like poo.

Yeah, let's move away from Sick Boy. On to...


This is actually pretty decent. The first two minutes are pretty cool with Van Hammer and Guerrera working together to show that they can get these big guys down. I love how fiery Juvi is in this match, wanting to throw down with everyone. The size difference between him and Reese is immense. Horace does some decent working over of Juvi, but I really like his interactions with Van Hammer. They're really sloppy, but it looks like neither of them really gives a shit about the other so they just go for it. Check Van Hammer's Alabama Slam on Horace near the end. It just looks reckless, and that's okay in my book.

Reese never looks imposing. He's in the sub-Matt Morgan category for least intimidating ring presence for a 7 footer. I did like his finish on Juvi though. He nailed it perfectly and the got to show of a little power. Fun match, check it out and let me know what you think.

And since I dug Horace, let's check him out in a singles match.

Horace is crazy fun. He's a decent brawler and then he'll do crazy shit like a topé just because. Not bad for a big guy. Kanyon's innovative offense schtick feels kind of dated, especially with some of the stuff looking like poop. The Fisherman Neckbreaker, for example, looks like it has significant less impact than a regular Fisherman Suplex. Still it's a pretty neat match with a finishing stretch that actually had me guessing as to who was going to win. I'm going to have to look up more Horace matches now. See what you've driven me to?

And because it was specifically recommended, let's watch:

Juvi does a great job with his fiery little man offense. The Juice praying before the match was a great touch. Reese isn't great at milking his size to the audience, but he's serviceable here, certainly better than the tag match. I liked that Juvi went tried to use some tricks but none of them would work, it felt like there was no light at the end of the tunnel there for a minute. I really like the finish with Van Hammer showing up with the chair, which lead to a ridiculous hurricanrana. I'm glad I watched this oddly enough, but it may have given me a little more appreciation for Juvi than Reese.

Now this is the good stuff. You'd think this would be Dean Malenko carrying a guy, but Riggs actually holds up his own when it's time to work Malenko over. Riggs worked pretty smoothly with Dean on the mat and had some nice heel tactics like the knee over the throat bit. I love that spot. He was actually so good that Schiavone and Heenan had to put him over as a talented dude. You know you're doing something right when the WCW commentators are talking about your match and not anything else. I liked Riggs' selling of the knee when he fell of the ropes. It felt like a "blood in the water" kind of moment because Dean-o immediately went for the kill. Fun match.

So let's see how much of this was Dean...

Okay, this obviously isn't as good as the Malenko match, but Riggs still looks solid. That Putski guy stinks though. He didn't try to get any sympathy while he was getting beat down, and didn't try to get the crowd into it until the end, and by then no one cared too much. I like wildness Riggs shows sometimes. Like the corner splash or the apron clothesline. If he could have added a little bit more personality he might have been a bigger deal than he was.

Lodi is an unlikeable goober, which is great. Unlike some of the other Flock guys he has a distinct personality and it's one the crowd can latch onto and hate. While it's a short squash, it is notable for the crazy dive to the outside that looks like it breaks Lodi's leg. So check that out.

Let's finish up with Goldberg squashing Lodi. That's appropriate.

I would have to say after all this Riggs and Horace were the biggest surprises for me. So much so that I actually want to watch more of them. My question to you guys is: who's your favorite Flock member?

If you've got a suggestion for a wrestler you want me to watch a bunch of matches of, feel free to hit me up here on the comments page or find me on DVDVR Message Board where I goof off the most. They can be anyone from anywhere, they just have to have matches on the Youtube. Otherwise it wouldn't be....



  1. Yea that Horace Hogan/ Reese v. Juventud Guerrera/ Van Hammer (06/08/98) was #161 on our Top 200 Matches in Nitro History project over on my wrestling blog. Fun stuff.

    I'll toss out Mad Man Pondo and 2 Cold Scorpio as recc's.

  2. Wow, forgot I'd suggested the Flock. Glad to see them make the cut.

    I'd agree with your assessment of the Flock members. I always though Riggs was pretty good as a wrestler, but people mainly remember how ridiculous the American Males were, rather than how good he could be. Likewise, Horace is rarely remembered, but he had some good matches in WCW 2000 defending Hulk's honour.

    Reece and Sick Boy...not so good.