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This is where I go over the exclusive matches that aired on All-American or WWF Mania. You can check out the previous parts by clicking on the links provided here:


TITO SANTANA vs. FATU (Mania 06/05/1993)
Tito was using his brains and countering Fatu pretty well early on, but made a fatal mistake by trying to slam Fatu's head to the mat. Fatu powered up and super kicked him to take over. It didn't last long as he made a pretty hot come back that had the crowd rocking. He hit the flying forearm but before we could see if it was enough to finish off Fatu, Samu interfered for the DQ. After a big beat down, Tito made another come back and cleared them from the ring with a double flying clothesline. Fun, brief match. The post-match stuff made Tito seem like a badass since he came back against two Samoans. That's some John Cena shit right there.

CRUSH vs. RAZOR RAMON (All-American 06/06/1993)
Razor is really awesome at looking weak for Crush. They start with a shoving competition - Razor pushed Crush first, and the big Hawaian barely flinched. Crush pushed Razor back and the Bad Guy went sailing out of the ropes. There's also a really fun bit with a full-nelson. Crush locks it in and Razor gets his leg in the rope, but Crush just lifts him up and takes him to the center of the ring. Razor goes to the other side of the ring and they do the same thing. Finally Razor goes to ropes closest to the camera and puts both of his feet on the top rope, telling the ref you gotta break this hold. So Crush just lets go and Razor falls on his back. Someone should really lift this bit.

Gorilla had some neat commentary bits, talking about why these guys would even take a match like this before the King of the Ring, and then wondering about how they should be wrestling smaller guys to prepare for their future opponents Bret and Shawn. It's cool shit like that that draws you into the world and makes you believe just a little bit more that what's going on is legit.

I'm really surprised Crush got to kick out of the Razor's Edge, especially if the finish was going to be a draw. Fun match though and worth checking out.

TATANKA vs. MR. HUGHES (Mania 06/12/1993)
It was mostly a standard Tatanka match, where he gets beat down and makes a Hulkster comeback. Hughes was fine as the lumbering beast, though he didn't offense to keep things interesting. Really liked him grabbing the mullet of Tatanka as the Undefeated Native American was running by, and the following it up with a big kick to the back.

For the finish, Tatanka and Hughes just started trading punches and the ref tried to break it up, insisting on a clean fight. Then they kind of just turned on the ref, Tatanka pushed him and then Hughes punched him so it was Double DQ time. Kind of funny finish, but nothing special otherwise.

Watch it here at WWE.com

Dibiase get pinned in the first minute, after catching a middle rope clothesline from Scott. It was one of those blindside kind of deals so it worked. The second fall was belt around them isolating Rick Steiner which was great. They kept beating on him, and he just couldn't find his way out. Eventually Ted DiBiase stuck him with a nasty piledriver that looked liked it killed Rick dead for the 1-2-3. I really liked this because it really emphasized tactics and "wrestling logic". A guy can't win against three guys and if you can keep him from tagging out, you got him dead to rights.

Eventually we got our hot tag in the third fall. It was really cool too because it came after a clothesline on Doink, who sold it like a million bucks. He sat up and just looked confused, reaching to Scott and Tatanka, before passing out again.. Rick finally tagged in Scott and all hell broke loose as everyone paired off and the ref lost control. During the melee, Rick ran at DiBiase and lifted him with a power slam(which was awesome) and got the win. Jim Ross pointed out that Rick wasn't the legal guy, but the win was in the books none the less. Rad match, find it.

So this is a continuation of the Tito/Headshrinker feud from the match at the top of the post. This time Tito called in back up. Like the 6 man above, this one has some nice tag tactics with Samu trying to lure Backlund into the Headhsrinker corner, and Backlund telling him to come and get it in the center of the ring. It wasn't a long match, but it featured some cool heel tricks from the Samoans. The finish was Samu rolling Fatu out behind the ref's back and making the illegal pin.

This brought the STEINERS out who told the ref what really happened, and Earl Hebner came out to back him up. Referee Danny Davis, instead of restarting the match, reversed the decision into a DQ giving Tito and Backlund the win. Those Steiners are kind of dicks. The Headshrinkers didn't come in and bust up their victory in the trios match did they? No. Coz they got class.

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