Friday, January 18, 2013

WWF New Generation Era Project: RAW REVIEW 9.27.1993

New Haven Coliseum
New Haven, CT

Show kicked off with Jack Tunney telling the audience that Shawn Michaels has been no showing title defenses and as a result will be suspended. The Intercontinental Title will be vacated and next week a 20 man battle royal will be held to help determine a new champion. The final two participants in the battle royal will eventually face each other for the strap. Wonder what happened here.

Vince sold Martel as "one of the all time greats" which was nice of him. Maybe that means we'll get some more Martel matches.

This was a little disappointing in the first half. Tatanka was really clumsy and his timing was off. At one point he went for a step up to the middle rope but missed the rope, got angry and went for it anyways. The spot called for him to do a crossbody on Martel, but Martel wisely ducked. It worked out okay, and the announcers were selling it as Tatanka being to intense, which worked for me.

The Mexican flag is being used as a blanket to keep Tunney's naked legs warm.
Martel was solid as per usual. Had some fun back and general torso work. Liked his abdominal stretch, and his back work late in the match, presumably to set up the Crab. Tatanka Hulked Up, but Martel was able to knock him out to the outside to stop it. Smart guy. They battled it out there until the Double Countout decision. So now I really hope that means more Martel. Tatanka is being built as undefeated so Martel getting to take him a draw does more good for him than Tatanka. It'd be neat if they were the last two in next week's battle royal.

Ludvig threw Apollo outside at one point and found a fan who made a Helsinki Flag sign. Vince played it off by saying Ludvig had planted the fan there. Because who the hell would bring a Helsinki sign to a WWF event, right? Ludvig is almost a little too robotic in his movements, but I guess it works okay. I really love that he set up his torture rack finish by upper cutting the guy in the kidneys. More kidney shots, please.

Last week the announced this as "one night only" but tonight they announced that Snuka would be in next week's battle royal. This was pretty uneventful for a squash. Superfly seemed to be filling time to stretch it out, and the crowd was pretty quiet through all of it. They livened up when he pointed to the sky, and Snuka went for the splash. He it it pretty much perfectly for the 1-2-3.

During the match they had Crush on the phone. Heenan asked if Crush was in the IC Battle Royal. Crush said he wasn't despite being in the best shape of his life and ready to go. Heenan mentioned that Randy Savage was and Crush got pissy, saying that this was typical politics from Savage. When Savage tried to debate him on it, Crush hung up. I love this angle.

They cut to a satellite interview with IRS.Vince actually referred to him as Mr. Rotundo multiple times early on and then changed it to Mr. Schyster. Schyster, who lost to PJ Walker due to interference from Razor Ramon, hyped his feud with Razor and told him to stay out of his way at the Battle Royal next week. I can't believe Vince screwed this up.

The Quebecers announced that they were going to go back on their word and not defend the titles against the Steiners, but they will defend the titles against a worth opponent. Out came Barry Horowitz. Heena was in the ring and asked Barry where his partner was. Barry said, Reno Riggins was at home sick with the flu and that if it was okay with Johnny Polo if he could get a suitable partner. Polo said it depended on who it was. Barry hardy picked the 1-2-3 KID!!!! Of course the Quebecers were more than confident about beating the Kid and Horowitz so the match was on.

Barry and Kid cleaned house to kick the match off. Drop kicks all over the place. When it settled down, Pierre and Jacques beat the snot out of 123 Kid, which was decided the way to go. Kid was putting in some nasty bumps for the guys, and Vince sold it like no one could live through this. Eventually Kid started to make a come back and hit another spin kick on Jacques. This one sent Jacques to the outside to the floor. Polo got upset as it seemed that Jacqueshad been KTFO. He even called Pierre over to help revive him but it was no use.

123 Kid's educated feet had apparently taught Jacques a lesson in death.

The paramedics were called out and stretchered Jacques away from the ring. Finkel got on the mic and said the ref's decision was to allow the match to continue!!! EARL STRIKES AGAIN!

Back from commercial break Pierre is working over Barry Horowitz while Jacques is still dead in the back. Horowitz made a tag to Kid and Kid got worked over too - this is some Pierre is clearly superhuman. Kid started making another comeback but when he went for a flying wheel kick Pierre ducked and pulled the ropes down, causing Kid to fly over them to the outside. It was so awesome looking.

Polo rolled kid back into the ring and after a what felt like a decade, Pierre draped himself over the Kid for the 123. Horseshit. Barry Horowitz may not have been pinned but he still blew it. Break up the pin jackass.

Razor Ramon came out to hype his appearance in the battle royal, and Vince mentioned that Savage was in it. Savage told Razor maybe you respect me, maybe I respect you, whatever whatever(he said this), but only the strong survive. And this is how the show ended. Man I'm pumped for this battle royal.

The first and last matches got quite a bit of time, and both were a little underwhelming in a couple of areas. I liked both, but I wanted more. 123 Kid looked pretty badass despite his loss, since he can knock a dude out with his feet. And that last bump of the match was cool as hell. There was some good hype going into next week, which should be a pretty rad show. So as a set-up show this was pretty good. I'm really surprised at the lack of big stars on this show. Superfly might be the biggest name, but he hasn't been on for a while, and Tatanka and Kid were maybe the most over guys wrestling. Where's Bret? Where's Luger?

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