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WWF New Generation Project: SUPERSTARS 9.25.1993

We kick off the show with a recap of Shawn and Diesel's action from last week, when they beat up 1-2-3 Kid before his match. Perfect, if you remember, came in to even the odds. After the recap Perfect came on screen wearing some sweet sunglasses and told Diesel and Shawn through the camera that he'd be in The Kid's corner for today's show to even the odds.

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Bomb savaged Kevin Kruger. When Bomb went for the Atom Smasher Power Bomb he stuck the guy's head between his legs and started shaking - staring up at the heaven's. It scary. Anyway solid typical Adam Bomb squash with dirty tactics and such.

Costello is a really good job guy. He's blubbery and takes fun bumps. He bleached his hair and now he looks kinda like Guy Fieri. Crowd was hot for Razor, who changed up his formula just a little, so that Costello could get a little offense in. The difference between Heel Ramon and Face Ramon is that the bad guys do the eye poke to him. Crowd was hot for Razor, especially when he just started slapping Costello. Man, Scott Hall is just awesome at building anticipation. Him wondering around like an animal looking at the crowd before signaling for the Edge had me getting pumped up. Fun squash.

Booger has some new music that kicks off with "I'M THE BOOGERMAN" followed by noises of him blowing his nose and shit. Gross. Exchange of the show comes when Vince says something about Bastion just looking like he smells really bad. and Macho said "Some things are as they look like." but it sounded like he got lost in the sentence for a second but somehow pulled it off so that it made sense. It's one of those classic Macho deliveries.

For some crazy reason I enjoyed this. Booger is just gross and he plays it up really well. And while not all of his moves look super devastating(his power slam feels a little soft), he brawls relatively well. Also he does headbutts, and if you want to get on my goodside do some headbutts. LOVE THAT MOVE. Anyway Booger won with the Bastion Booger Teabag pin. After the match he told the fans in the aisle that they made him sick. Nice.
Some Ziggler fans look on as Cena shrugs off all of Dolph's shit again.

Holy cow, Kid went nuts with the kicks in this match. Just berserk with the combos and spin kicks. Crowd ate it all up cheering after everything. There's no one on the roster like Kid and he didn't even have to go to the top rope to get the crowd hyped up. After a whell kick in the corner he beat the larger Jack Reno with a La Magistral cradle, leveraging Reno's girth to hold him down. Fun quick match.

Tatanka and Barry work really well together and worked at a pretty fast pace here. Tatanka did a back body drop where he bent over and stuck Barry with his should before lifting him up and tossing him behind him. He should do that more often it looks really neat and feels like a power move. Howowitz took control and got a near fall off of a reverse DDT, which got a good reaction. Shortly after Tatanka hulked up and hit Horowitz with the Papoose(credit: Heenan) for the win. Really fun short match.

These jobbers. Man. Brutal combo. Even Vince, as they were getting introduced, was like "Who the hell booked these guys?" Camera guy decided to take this moment to fit in shots of some attractive women in the audience and Macho Man almost went into the Danger Zone.

Rubins took most of the offense because he's so small his wrestling singlet hangs loose. Billy and Bart hit a bunch of nice double team offense including a suplex cross body combo. They finished it up with the back body drop piledriver combo. Loving the Smoking Gunns.

This looks like a fantasy from To Catch a Predator
Jim Cornette, Fuji, and THE CHAMP came out to state their thoughts on the World Title picture and their future challengers. Jim Cornette said Luger was done. The stipulation said if he didn't win the belt at SummerSlam that he couldn't get another one and it was AIR TIGHT. After him, as far as Yokozuna and his managing crew were concerned, there were no other challengers.

Then the lights go out. When they come back on The Dead Man is on the stage with Paul Bearer. Bearer explains that his Undertaker has a challenge. Yokozuna stared Taker down and yelled "Banzai!" The Dead Man responded by taking another step forward which got the crowd going. He took the mic and challenged Yokozuna to "Bring his belt and his soul and meet him on the dark side." Yokozuna's hard demeanor softened and he kind of stepped back a little, clearly freaked out. His belt came off his shoulder as he was readjusting it, and Vince pounced on it yelling "The Belt came down, did we see an OMEN!!!" which may be one of the coolest things Vince has done on commentary all year. Really fun show down, and feels like a huge clash of titans.

Fun show, with some fun squahs matches. The most of the jobbers were top level jabronies and the superstars brought some good shit, especially The Kid, who might become the best squash match guy now that Matt Borne is gone. And holy crap I may have turned the corner on Bastion Booger. MARK IT DOWN.

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  1. I want to know how Costello (or David Isley, for that matter) managed to get himself booked on an All Japan tour.